Reid had old crowns and bridges that were made by various dentists at different times over the years. As a result, he had an unstable bite relationship. This caused considerable stress on his anterior teeth, over time resulting in teeth shifting, spaces and an irregular worn appearance.

Reid's beautiful nw smile was created utilizing metal free, all ceramic crowns and veneers. This not only gives him a much more attractive smile, with a stable, harmonious bite relationship which eliminates further shifting and destruction of his teeth!

Mark never really liked his smile. The two teeth adjacent to his front teeth were small, creating spaces which accentuated the unevenness of his teeth. This, combined with the darker color, made him realize that his smile made him look much older than he really was!

Mark , by deciding to have porcelain veneers placed on his upper teeth, achieved his beautiful new smile in only two weeks. This made it possible to resize and reshape his two smaller teeth and close the spaces to create a more symmetrical, youthful smile!

Aaron was always self-conscious about the appearance of his teeth, and would attempt to hide them with a grin instead of a smile. A consultation with an orthodontist resulted in a recommendation to have all of his teeth put in braces for 2 to 3 years! This recommendation certainly did not thrill Aaron, but he also realized that following this course of treatment would not result in improving the shape and obtaining the lighter color that he so desired.

Aaron, by having porcelain veneers placed on his upper teeth, obtained his stunning smile in only 3 weeks, instead of 2 to 3 years. Aaron was so thrilled by his new smile that he experienced other favorable life-style changes that make him almost unrecognizable from his old self!

Linda had always hated the gap between her front teeth. She was particularly motivated due to her upcoming grand-daughters wedding. Even at age 65 she realized that the gap, along with the color and wear, made her look older that she really was. Other dentists had previously recommended metal supported crowns. The recommended treatment would have meant removing a lot of healthy tooth structure and would have resulted in an unnatural opaque appearance.

Linda was finally able to receive the smile she always wanted by utilizing conservative, metal-free veneers. By properly proportioning the teeth and improving the color, Linda;s beautiful new mile took 10 years off of her appearance.

Joyce did not like the crowding of her teeth and was particularly aware of the old dentistry that showed when she smiled. Her old meta- supported crowns, placed at different times over the years, contributed to the lack of uniformity in the color of her teeth. Her use of over-the- counter bleaching agents only amplified the contrast between her teeth and the old crowns.

Joyce, by the use of all porcelain veneers and crowns, now has the beautiful smile of her dreams. The crowding was corrected, along with the color and shape alterations, in only 4 visits over 2 months. She now has a vibrant and more youthful smile!

David's teeth were compromised by a prominent blemish on one of his upper front teeth. He did not like the way his teeth looked flat across and worn which made him look much older. Other dentists had tried to mask the blemish with tooth colored resin which did not last!

David's beautiful smile was created using procelain veneers of his upper teeth. Lengthening and reshaping the teeth to ideal proportion is what contributes to his attractive new smile.

Hillary had 2 old worn out veneers on her front teeth done many years earlier by another dentist. She did not like their unnatural appearance. Contributing to this undesirable look, the two front teeth were not the same size or length, and the color did not match her own natural teeth.

Hillary's beautiful new smile was accomplished by a combination of tooth bleaching, tissue re-contouring and only 2 porcelain veneers on her front teeth. Hillary was extremely happy with her new smile and was very excited that it did not require an "extreme makeover"!