Our practice offers a variety of orthodontic products. Many are stronger and less noticeable than the braces of the past.
We may recommend one or more appliances based on your needs. with fixed braces, stainless steel brackets are glued to the teeth and then connected together with a thin metal wire. This wire pushes your teeth into the desired position and retains its shape even as you talk or eat. If you don’t like the metal look in your mouth, We can apply clear or tooth colored brackets to your teeth instead of stainless steel. If your child or teenager is developing teeth that stick out, we may suggest a functional appliance. As your child’s jaw grows during puberty, this appliance stretches the lower jaw forward, making it grow to match the upper jaw.
Sometimes, We may suggest other treatments, such as Invisalign or Instant Orthodontics to improve the appearance of your smile.

The timeframe for orthodontics varies from person to person. One success factor for orthodontics may be how well you follow Dr. Kim’s instructions for cleaning and care.
We may also need to adjust the braces to help your teeth move to the correct position. After we remove the braces, your teeth can still drift back toward their original position. That’s why it’s important to wear a retainer, a small removable appliance that we prescribe until your teeth have settled. For severe orthodontic problems, we may also suggest surgery.
If you think braces may be right for you, schedule a consultation with us. He would be happy to talk about the benefits of orthodontics with you.