Crowns are caps that fit over any remaining tooth structure that may have been damaged due to decay or injury. A dental crown may be used to support a weak tooth, protect a cracked tooth or one with a large filling, and to anchor a dental bridge.
A crown is also utilized in root canals and dental implants.

When you visit our office for a crown, our doctors will remove any decay that may be present and reshape your tooth to accommodate the crown. The crown is color matched to your surrounding teeth and sized to compliment your bite. An impression will be taken and is used to design your custom permanent crown, which will take roughly three weeks. A temporary is worn in the interim.
At your next visit, our doctors will set your permanent dental crown with dental cement

A dental bridge is used to replace the appearance and function of your missing teeth. A dental bridge consists of three dental crowns joined in a row. The center dental crown spans the space of the missing tooth while the two dental crowns at either end are used to anchor the dental bridge in place. This is possible by reshaping your natural teeth adjacent to the missing space to accommodate the crowns. At this point, our doctors will take an impression from which to design your custom fit bridge, which will take approximately three weeks to prepare.
When your bridge is ready, your next visit will be scheduled with Dr. Kim to bond the dental bridge with your natural teeth.